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Sister Wives Star Reveals Spoilers! Shares Details From December 2021 After The Story Of Season 17 Finale!!


The Brown Family from Sister Wives had been through many ups and downs. But dire circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic and strict quarantine rules caused major rifts between the family. Well, fans got to see many shocking moments in Season 17, like Kody attempting to kick out Janelle’s sons Gabe and Garrison from their house and not accompanying his daughter Ysabel for critical surgery. Well, once the cameras left the family after the season came to an end, viewers got curious about the family dynamics. Christine’s daughter Gwendlyn has finally spilled piping hot tea regarding this situation. Keep reading to find out.

Sister Wives: Gwen Reveals The Brown Family Has Not Gotten Along Since Christmas 2021!
Sister Wives Season 17 ended on a major cliffhanger. Kody’s relationship with most of his elder kids had deteriorated, and Christine finally kicked him out of their house. In the further season, she eventually divorced him and moved away. Because of such circumstances, fans often wonder how the family dynamics changed once the previous season ended and there was no more filming. Well, Gwen Brown has been reviewing the episodes on her Youtube and Patreon channels. There she finally answered this burning question from the fans.

Well, around Christmas 2021, Kody threatened to kick Gabe and Garrison out of the house. The sons were unwilling to make peace with their father and apologize. Moreover, Christine had also started to sense the cracks in her relationship and was considering splitting. Gwen revealed that the entire plural family “skipped Christmas.” Hence, they didn’t have a gathering to celebrate the special day as they used to. On top of this, Christine’s daughter also shared that the family has always celebrated separately since then. While many Sister Wives fans had already suspected such a thing to happen, they finally have proof now.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Is “Basically Monogamous” Won’t Bring In New Wives?
Kody Brown separated from Christine in November 2021. Then, Janelle Brown also announced her split from her polygamist husband in 2022. At last, it was Meri Brown who mutually announced with Kody that they also divorced in 2023. Hence, the patriarch only has Robyn Brown staying by his side. As he has been a polygamist for 30 years, the Sister Wives fans expected him to look for new wives. But the Brown family head revealed that he is “basically monogamous.”

This year, Kody and Robyn took a trip to Las Vegas. There the viewers spotted them with a mystery woman. So, there was a buzz on the internet that she was going to be the fifth wife. But after more digging, the viewers found out it was Robyn Brown’s sister who was accompanying them on their shopping spree. Hence, it looks like Kody really has been trying his best to adapt to monogamy. Only the show’s upcoming seasons will now reveal the future of the Brown family dynamics. Keep reading more Sister Wives updates by staying tuned to TV Season & Spoilers.

Sister Wives: Kody Won’t Attend Gwendlyn’s Wedding? Will Not Walk Her Down The Aisle Due To Grudge With Christine?


It is a widely known fact that the Sister Wives star Kody Brown has an estranged bond with almost all his kids. His shared daughter with Christine Brown is not an exceptional case. There have been several instances when the viewers have noted that Gwen Brown isn’t on great terms with her father. Now, as she is about to tie her nuptial knot in Summers, the viewers are skeptical if Kody would even walk her down the aisle or not. However, several regular watchers believe that he won’t do the honors! Here are all the reasons why Kody may not walk Gwen down the aisle!

Sister Wives: Will Kody Walk Down His Daughter Down The Aisle?
The Sister Wives star Gwen Brown recently announced her engagement with her long-term girlfriend, Beatriz Queiroz. She even revealed that they would tie the nuptial knot in the summer of 2023. Indeed, the star’s big day is really close. And viewers wonder if her father, Kody Brown, would even walk her down the aisle or not. Evidently, Gwen has always been open about her strained bond with her dad. Lately, she has been reviewing all the episodes of her family show, which gave some more insights into the dynamics.

Recently, Gwen opened up about her disappointment when Robyn’s kid didn’t attend her engagement party. She wondered if Kody’s fourth wife thought it wouldn’t be a safe space for them. In addition, there are no clues if the father of 18 also attended the celebrations. On the other hand, there have been several instances when Gwen expressed some of her negative feelings regarding Kody Brown on social media. Hence, there is a fair chance that the Sister Wives patriarch might have been triggered because of that and won’t walk his daughter down the aisle!

Sister Wives: Fans Doubt If Kody Supports Gay Rights!
Another reason viewers are skeptical if Kody would attend Gwen’s wedding is that maybe he doesn’t support gay rights. There have been several instances when the star kid hinted that her father had a hard time when Meri’s only child Leon came out as transgender. Evidently, Gwen’s wedding is not ordinary as it will openly support gay rights. Hence, it wouldn’t be shocking if Kody decided not to escort Gwen to Beatriz Queiroz on the wedding day.

Another triggering point for Kody Brown might be that Gwen is renouncing the “Brown” surname that her father gave her. Recently, she revealed that she plans to take ‘Queiroz’ from her wife’s name and replace it with Brown. Hence, there is a fair chance that the father of 18 would definitely mind this and won’t attend Gwen’s big day. On the other hand, even if Kody attends, maybe his presence would be disguised. In the recent past, the patriarch was mainly featured taking a back seat in Logan’s wedding. So he might do the same again. It will be interesting to watch whether Kody will attend Gwen’s marriage. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers

for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown reveals her guilty pleasure that she says ‘isn’t pretty’ after her 100-lb weight loss


SISTER wives star Janelle Brown has shared the sweet cheat she still enjoys, even after losing 100 pounds.

Janelle has focused on her weight since dumping polygamist husband Kody.

Janelle Brown shows off much thinner face after 100-pound weight lossCredit: Instagram/the_secret_to_selfcare
The Sister Wives star shared a photo of her homemade pieCredit: Instagram / Jenelle Brown

Janelle shared a photo to her Instagram Stories of a mouth-watering pie.

The gooey dessert had a lightly browned crust, and what appeared to be mini pools of caramel drizzled on top.

A few slivers cut into the flaky top allowed for some ventilation – and incredible smells.

But the 53-year-old said she could have done even better.

“Not the prettiest pie I’ve made, but let the strawberry rhubarb pie season begin,” she captioned the photo.

The Sister Wives star has earned some cheat day pie, especially after showing off her drastic change.

The reality star recently shared a new clip showing off her slimmed-down figure.

She posted to her Instagram yesterday and posed in a form-fitting dress while she shared part of her weight loss story.

The mother of six proudly displayed her dramatic weight loss as she counted to four along with the sound of the vid.

The text on the video read: “Why I started Plexus…” and gave four reasons.

The reasons popped up one by one, and revealed: “Rid my sugar monster, reduce brain fog, reduce inflammation, and lose weight, gain energy and so much more!”

Janelle’s caption expanded further into her weight loss journey.

The realty star wrote: “It wasn’t overnight and I’m okay with that. Slow and steady wins the race. The best advice I can give you is, just start.

“Create your ‘day one’ because ‘one day’ will always come and go. Give it your all, be consistent and I can guarantee you’ll be pleased! I know I am!”

The lifestyle devotee then invited fans to join her community: “Join our Spring Challenge! Message me SPRING INTO ACTION if you’re ready! Also, check out my health page @life_with_health_and_happiness.”

Janelle’s health page documents her use of Plexus and invites followers to purchase it from her.

Plexus, also known as “the pink drink,” is a powder supplement that’s mixed with water and serves as an appetite suppressant for weight management.

Janelle has officially launched her own weight loss business surrounding the supplement, in the wake of her separation from Kody.

The U.S. Sun reported last year that the pair was no longer together after 29 years of marriage.

Now, she’s dedicated herself to her new weight loss business.

In November, a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Janelle had “lost a ton of weight” and is “half the size she was.”

“Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 pounds down,” they added.

Christine and their other former sister wife, Meri, 52, also recently ended their marriages with Kody, leaving him only married to his fourth wife, Robyn, 44.

The Brown patriarch is said to be seeking another wife after he and Robyn were spotted with a mystery woman in Las Vegas.

Janelle has started her own business built around her weight loss drinkCredit: Instagram/life_with_health_and_happiness
She’s also become a gym ratCredit: Instagram/janellebrown117
Janelle and Kody split up last yearCredit: TLC

‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Honors Late Mom 2 Years After Her Death: ‘Epitome of Strength’


Remembering her mom. Sister Wives star Meri Brown penned a touching tribute to her late mother, Bonnie Ahlstrom, on the two-year anniversary of her death.

“Two years. Two years since she graced this earth with her beautiful presence. So many things I would have liked to share with her, discuss with her and had her hold my hand and heart through,” the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner, 52, captioned a video posted to Instagram and TikTok on Sunday, March 26. “This woman, the woman I am honored and blessed to call Mom, was the epitome of strength, kindness and love. To know her was to love her, and to be loved by her. She will be forever in my heart and the hearts of so many. She will be forever missed.”

Fans flocked to the comment section to share kind words with the TLC personality as she honored her mom. “Bonnie’s heart always shined through on the show. She is missed. Thinking of you!” wrote one Instagram user, while another added, “Such beautiful memories and pictures for you Meri, hang on to them and treasure them.”

Meri announced the “unexpected” passing of her mom in a March 2021 Instagram post, telling followers that Bonnie “left us suddenly” and “way too soon” at age 76. Fans had come to know and love the former Lizzie’s innkeeper over the years, as she appeared on Sister Wives multiple times throughout the long-running series.

The reality star’s tribute comes less than three months after she and ex Kody Brown confirmed their split in a statement posted to Instagram. “After more than a decade of working on our relationship in our own unique ways, we have made the decision to permanently terminate our marriage relationship,” the post read in part.

Kody, 54, and Meri legally wed in 1990 before divorcing in 2014 so he could legally marry Robyn Brown in order to adopt her three kids from a previous marriage. Meri remained spiritually married to the Wyoming native; however, fans watched their tumultuous relationship play out onscreen for years before they finally called it quits.

5 Reasons Why Kody Brown May Be Livid With Christine’s New BF


Sister Wives’ Kody Brown is apparently extremely upset with his ex-wife, Christine Brown. She’s moved on with a new man, and he is happier than ever.

It didn’t take long for Sister Wives’ Kody Brown to reveal his true feelings about Christine Brown finally moving on. The two ended their 25-year marriage in November 2021, after a troubled last season that showed them at odds over their future. The former couple seemed to be on two separate paths for years, but Kody never believed that any of his wives would leave him high and dry. Christine and Kody’s relationship grew strained after the Brown family moved to Las Vegas. Sister Wives’ Kody Brown always prided himself on being able to juggle hobbies, work, four wives and 18 children. However, behind the scenes, things were sketchy.

As most of his attention was given to his youngest wife, Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine were often afterthoughts. Even though the family found an ideal cul-de-sac in Sin City, Kody made the decision to move the family to Flagstaff, AZ. There, every wife had her own home, with Kody visiting each family. However, after the worldwide pandemic hit, Kody chose to hunker down with Robyn, leaving the rest of his spouses to fend for themselves. Christine never recovered from the rude treatment, and finally decided to branch out on her own.

Sister Wives’ Kody Is No Longer In Charge

Kody seems to be livid over Christine’s new love affair. While Sister Wives’ followers are thrilled for the mother of six, it is clear that Kody was not mentally prepared to lose his, “head of the polygamous household” label. For years, Kody has slowly been losing his grip on Christine and their six children (Mykelti Padron, and Paedon, Ysabel, Gwen, and Truely Brown). After choosing to miss out on Ysabel’s spine surgery, most of his adult children realized that Kody wasn’t the man he had always claimed to be.

As the father of 18 spent less and less time with his children, his offspring began realizing that they no longer had to abide by his strict rules. Some of his older children even started to share bold opinions, which often caused a division within the polygamous family. The lack of control was one of the major factors that Kody cited when talking about the reasons for the demise of his marriage with Christine. Being forced to be an outsider looking in has rubbed Kody the wrong way.

Sister Wives’ David Wooley Is A Catch

Christine’s new beau David is more than she could have ever hoped for. After 25 years of being unloved and ignored, and being told she was overweight, the Sister Wives star is now being treated like the queen that she is. Unlike Kody, David is an open-minded guy who takes the time to visit his children and grandchildren. As far as followers can tell, David does not let religion dictate his life, and feels that he and a partner should be equals.

Kody’s moral compass is nothing like David’s. Sister Wives’ Kody felt very disrespected during the last season. In fact, the TLC star made a huge fuss over not feeling valued in the latest season. Kody claimed he had given his wives too much power to express their opinions, when he shouldn’t have let them have a voice.

Sister Wives’ Christine’s Partner David Mocked Kody

When the duo came out as a couple on Valentine’s Day, Sister Wives fans couldn’t help but have a good giggle at David’s caption, which included a #myqueen hashtag, alongside a photo of Christine. Kody would possibly have been fuming after seeing the post, since it was probably a dig at him. In season 16, Kody called Janelle and Christine, “princesses” after they vented their frustrations about living in Arizona. The nickname was meant as an attack, which would offend his second and third wives.

However, David’s use of the word “queen” rang true. It seemed obvious that the father of eight was madly in love with Christine. David comes across as sincere. However, Kody generally comes across as bitter and resentful.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown May Be Gloating

After years of being ignored, Christine is making sure to rub Kody’s nose in her happiness. Since February 14, Christine has posted photo after photo, noting that she thinks David is her forever match. This statement would undoubtedly rile Kody up, as he once believed that Christine was head over heels for him. While it was true that Christine often dealt with jealousy as she watched Kody with his other wives, it seems like the Sister Wives patriarch has officially lost his chance to ever woo Christine back.

Kody was upset and depressed, as he shared during season 17 that he was grieving a considerable loss. Kody even showed his angry side during an outburst that was aimed at Christine, after he noted that he tried to do everything to make his third wife happy. Even though followers didn’t side with Kody, it was obvious that he wasn’t thrilled with the idea of Christine moving on, and having her happily ever after.

Sister Wives’ Kody Feels Betrayed

The main reason Kody is livid with Christine’s new arrangement is the fact that he probably feels like she moved on too fast. Right before the holidays, Christine revealed to followers that she had only casually started going out on dates. However, she hadn’t met anybody she wanted to be serious with. Kody seemingly thinks Christine is too new to the dating scene. However, according to Christine’s Facebook status, the couple started dating in December 2022. Therefore, Christine has been single for over a year.

Kody is clearly trying to grasp at straws in order to regain control. Rumors have even been swirling that the Sister Wives patriarch is worried that David is using Christine for her money. However, what Kody may not know is that David owns his own successful construction business, and there is no proof that he has money troubles. He will just have to learn how to tame his green-eyed monster, since it looks like Christine has found a decent boyfriend. Followers are hoping that TLC cameras are around to catch Kody’s reaction to the shocking news, as it is certain to be dramatic.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Kody’s Romance Admission “No More Wives”


Sister Wives star Kody Brown has finally confessed that he is in a monogamous relationship with Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that in a recent cameo, Kody has admitted that he will not be seeking any more wives. Therefore, since three of Kody’s wives have chosen to divorce him, he is now in an admitted monogamous relationship with Robyn. Of course, fans have suspected this for some time. Kody tells the fan not to release that just yet because it is probably a spoiler.

When the show first appeared in 2010, Kody wanted to show the world how a polygamist family could be functional and be an inspiration to the world. Now Kody has become just another single man with a single wife, a broken family, and sporting three divorces. It seems that Kody’s vision was destroyed when he chose to add a fourth wife. There is something to be said for “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – A Plug For Polygamy
By telling the fan that was probably a spoiler, Kody seems to be confirming that there will be a Season 18 of the show. At the end of the Tell All for Season 17, Kody admitted that he and Janelle Brown were no longer together. Kody also made sure that Meri Brown knew that he was fine if she were to exit their marriage and find someone new.

However, Kody told that fan that she and her husband could practice polygamy, she would just have to take him into it. Then Kody backtracks saying he doesn’t know if that is a good idea or not. Kody goes on to say that he doesn’t have a recommendation on that. With that, some fans are sitting back thinking that it worked out so well for him.

Sister Wives Spoilers – When Will Season 18 Begin?
Rumors suggest that Season 18 will begin in September 2023. Since the splits with Meri and Janelle have taken place after Kody and Christine Brown’s divorce, the season should at least partially focus on them. Christine has admitted that she has a set in her new home in Utah as well. Christine also has a new man to occupy her time.

With the ups and downs that Kody has experienced with his older children, there could be some drama there as well, unless Kody has found a way to keep this from happening.

Will the new season focus on the end of Kody’s other two marriages or more on Kody and Robyn as a monogamous couple? Should the show still be called Sister Wives without the wives?

Sister Wives can currently be streamed on Discovery +.Keep checking back for all of you Sister Wives News and Spoilers.

Sister Wives: Kody Promotes Polygamy & Gives Marriage Advice Despite Three Divorces!


The Sister Wives star Kody Brown underwent three messy splits in a row. Intially, viewers thought that now he won’t promote polygamy anymore, but it seems that he still advocates it! As per the current scenario, he is in a monogamous relationship with his fourth wife, Robyn. Yet, he is recommending his fans to go ahead with plural marriage. He was also giving marriage advice when he has three divorces under his name! Shocking, isn’t it? To know what was Kody’s advice, keep on reading.

Sister Wives: Kody Slammed For Giving Marriage Advice After Three Divorces

Having a troubled marriage? Contact Kody Brown, as he has been giving marriage advice to his fans lately. Recently, a user posted his Cameo video to TikTok in which the TLC star gave an assignment to his fan to improve his married life. He tried to convince his recipient that her husband might not be perfect but is a great man. Kody further added she should think about their good memories, like when they might be watching Sister Wives together while having snacks and fun.

Kody even suggested his client go on a date and do something new with her partner. He wanted the couple to do something they both agreed upon and spend quality time with. The Sister Wives star further asked them to “reflect” on their relationship and figure out where they need improvement. Kody explained that both partners should be vulnerable and honest and communicate with kindness! Hence, overall he wanted the duo to watch out if they could take their relationship forward and work it out.

The Sister Wives viewers were shocked after watching Kody giving great marriage advice. Many users even claimed that these suggestions are the exact opposite of what he did in his marriage. Someone even wondered that if Kody had followed this, he wouldn’t have been a monogamist now.

Sister Wives: Kody Claims One Can Always Be A Sister Wife!
The Sister Wives star Kody Brown had an aura in the polygamous world and a mindset of the same. Hence, even after three consecutive divorces, he still believes one can always be a Sister Wife. In another Cameo, the TLC star congratulated his recipients on their first anniversary. Later in the clip, Kody claimed that he would likely not have any more wives and is living a monogamous life with Robyn

But Kody encouraged his recipients and claimed that they could always be in a plural marriage. They can always be a Sister Wife! He even asked his fan to talk her man out into the same. However, the TLC star made it clear that he wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. Hence, he didn’t prefer to give recommendations on that. Though Kody received a lot of backlash for his marriage advice and for promoting polygamy, many viewers believe that there is a fair chance that he might have understood his mistakes after three divorces. Keep coming back to TV Season & Spoilers for all the latest Sister Wives tea.

Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown shares sweet video of daughter Evie, 3, riding a scooter 2 years after tot got prosthetic leg


SISTER Wives’ Maddie Brown has shared a heartfelt video of her daughter, Evie, riding a scooter just two years after the little one got a prosthetic leg.

Maddie gave a sweet update on Evie on Instagram as she played in the spring weather on her scooter outside.

Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown shared a cute video of her daughter, Evie, riding her scooter two years after getting a prosthetic legCredit: Instagram/madison_rose11
The reality TV star shared many videos throughout Evie’s journeyCredit: Instagram/Maddie Brown

The song Unstoppable by Sia was Maddie’s appropriate song of choice as fans watched Evie have fun.

In a following Instagram Story, Maddie showed off Evie smiling big with sunglasses on while at the dentist.

“Straight chillin,'” the caption wrote along with an emoji.

Just two years ago, the star’s daughter got her foot amputated and her hand “clipped” due to a rare genetic disorder.

Months later, the now-3-year-old went to receive molding done for her new prosthetic.

In 2020, Maddie shared a Boomerang gif on Instagram of herself holding her daughter as the prosthetist worked on getting her fit for the artificial limb.

She captioned the post: “Big day for Miss Evie! First molding for her prosthetic!”

They didn’t get to go home with a prosthetic the same day as the molding, as Maddie explained that there are multiple stages to the process and it might be a while until it’s complete.

The mother-of-two, who also shares son Axel, five, with husband Caleb Brush, told Instagram followers: “Evie was molded for a socket… Markings [were made] to show where the special points are. Where it needs to be molded specially for her socket.

“So, then he’s going to mold a clear socket and we go back and he fits her with the clear socket so he can see what it looks like. Does she need extra room here? Is this spot too tight?

“And then when he’s fixed the clear socket and it looks good in a clear socket, he will then make a prosthetic.”

Maddie added that she plans to continue to share updates because it’s all a “learning process” for her and her husband but they want to bring awareness “for the purpose of normalization.”

Maddie’s dramatic delivery of when she gave birth to her daughter was captured on a previous season finale of Sister Wives.

Maddie shared a picture on Instagram as she held up Evie in their hospital room after her life-changing procedure.

In February, Maddie welcomed a baby girl to the family—making Evie a big sister and son, Axel, a big brother.

Born on February 10, 2023, Josephine Lee Brush was born and Maddie took to social media to share the good news.

“Welcome to the world,” she wrote.

In another recent post, the Sister Wives star posted a picture of Axel and Evie holding their newborn sibling.

“Axel and Evie are over the moon and absolutely in love with sweet Joey! We are still having some growing pains, as expected, but better than anticipated,” she wrote.

Evie rode her scooter in the spring weather showing off her pink prosthetic legCredit: Instagram/madison_rose11
Evie was all smiles during a trip to the dentistCredit: Instagram/madison_rose11
Maddie- here with her brother Axel- wearing big brother and big sister shirts after learning their parents were expectingCredit: Instagram/madison_rose11

Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown shows off her slimmer face in glam new pic after distancing herself from Christine


JANELLE Brown has delighted fan by showing off her slimmer face online.

The former Sister Wives star has been shedding some serious skin since dumping her polygamist husband, Kody.

Janelle Brown showed off her slimmer face while promoting a weight loss drinkCredit: Instagram/life_with_health_and_happiness
The Sister Wives star seems to have had a falling out with former bestie ChristineCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw

Janelle has been busily promoting Plexus, known as “the pink drink,” which is a powder supplement that’s mixed with water and serves as an appetite suppressant for weight management.

In a new pitch on Instagram, the 53-year-old smiled broadly as she clutched a container of the shake.

“Spring is officially here!” she teased in the caption. “Whether you’re wanting weight loss, gut health, a stronger immune system, more energy, less anxiety, less brain fog, appetite suppressing, or reduce sugar cravings we’ve got it all.

“No really, we do! We love plexus because it gets to the ROOT of the issue!! We had 99 problems and Plexus helped 95 of them.”

The U.S. Sun reported last year that Janelle and Kody were no longer together after 29 years of marriage.

Now, she’s dedicated herself to her new weight loss business.

In November, a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Janelle had “lost a ton of weight” and is “half the size she was.”

“Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 pounds down,” they added.

But Janelle may have also lost her close friendship with fellow former wife Christine.

The two reportedly had a falling out over Christine’s new boyfriend.

According to a source, the once-close pair is falling out over the mom of six’s new romance with David Woolley.

“There’s some distance between Janelle and Christine at the moment.

“Janelle doesn’t approve of her new relationship,” a source told The U.S. Sun.

“She thinks it’s too much too soon.

“She’s more old-fashioned. She also doesn’t agree that it should’ve been so public so quickly. She’s not about it.”

The source claimed that Janelle is “upset” that Christine is “spending all the time with him” and “they’re not so close as they were before they started dating.”

Some relatives, including Janelle, are “having a hard time trusting him,” and some believe he’s “not in it for the right reasons,” the source added.

Christine and David, 59, went public on Valentine’s Day.

Likely adding fuel to the feud fire is the fact Janelle has surpassed Christine in the Plexus sales column.

Although the wives had been working side-by-side in their business with Plexus, Kody’s exes appear to be competing with each other.

According to Plexus Worldwide’s Weekly Leaders Spotlight for the week of March 5 to March 11, both Christine and Janelle, 53, earned the title of “Top VIP Customer Sign Ups” and “Top Business Building Bonuses.”

Despite both of the ladies’ accomplishments, The U.S. Sun can reveal that Janelle is having more success in the business than Christine.

Per the Plexus points system, Janelle is a diamond brand ambassador, which means she’s at the “pinnacle of leadership” within the weight loss company.

Meanwhile, Christine is a sapphire brand ambassador, which is below Janelle’s tier, and is the “second-highest rank of leadership.”

Neither reality star has boasted about their level of success on social media.

However, they make it well known that they are each competing to get their followers to sign up for their challenges and purchase their products.

They have each created Instagram accounts – “Life with Health and Happiness,” and “The Secret to Selfcare” – to show off their results and share updates on their business.

But now, Janelle has taken a step further and has secretly launched three new businesses in the past four months.

The U.S. Sun previously reported her new businesses: Janelle Brown Plexus, Strive With Janelle, and Janelle Brown Production.

The mom of six also attended a solo trip to Phoenix earlier this week for a Plexus leadership conference to help boost her sales even more.

While enjoying the “heavenly scent” at her hotel, she wrote: “I’ve never smelled orange blossoms! There are trees all over the resort property.”

Janelle and Christine both promote the Plexus shakeCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw
Christine recently showed off a weight loss of her ownCredit: Instagram/life_with_health_and_happiness

Sister Wives’ Kody Brown drops big reality show ‘spoiler’ in very new video after split from Janelle, Christine and Meri


Recently, fans praised all three of Kody’s ex-wives for showcasing new energy after moving on from the TLC star.

Sister Wives star Kody Brown dropped a big show ‘spoiler’ in a Cameo video sent to a fanCredit: TikTok
Koby provided an update on his relationship with his one remaining wife, Robyn Brown, during the videoCredit: Facebook

The spoiler was dropped during a Cameo recorded by the Sister Wives star that a TikTok user uploaded to the social media app.

During the video, Kody, 54, was shown seated in the front seat of his truck as he congratulated a fan on their one-year anniversary.

After touching on the fan’s career in television and revealing that what he sees of himself on TV is “a caricature” of himself, he confessed: “I won’t be having more wives.”

Kody continued: “Robyn and I are now basically monogamous.”

The TV personality quickly added: “Don’t let that out yet, it’s probably a spoiler,” before admitting, “but it seems obvious with the new season coming.”

The 54-year-old then excitedly told the fan: “But you guys, you guys could always be in plural marriage.

Kody, pictured here with his ex-wives Meri, Christine, and Janelle Brown, and his wife Robyn revealed that he and Robyn are ‘basically monogamous’Credit: Refer to Caption

“You could always be a sister wife still.”

Kody explained: “You gotta talk your man into that and I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Laughing at his failed attempt to maintain a healthy polyamorous lifestyle, the reality TV star stated: “I don’t have any recommendations on that.”

He then signed off by wishing the fan, “lots of peace” and “lots of love.”

Fans in the comment section sounded off on the video, with one person writing: “Because Kody is someone I’d want relationship advice from,” punctuated by an “eye roll” emoji.

Another fan wrote: “Nothing says dysfunctional like martial advice from Kody Brown.”

“lol. Robin and I are basically monogamous? He and Robin have been the [sic] monogamous for like 10 years,” added a third.

While a fourth commenter stated: “He just sees a caricature of himself on TV. Explains how he justifies and lives with his toxic behavior. Denial.”

Last week, Kody’s ex-wives were praised for their new energy after moving on from their spiritual husband as a Sister Wives fan posted a roundup of the three women, and others were quick to voice their admiration.

On Reddit, a forum user uploaded some of the stars’ recent social media pics after their splits from Kody.

The first photo shared showed Christine making Irish Soda Bread for her show Cooking with Just Christine.

In the captured moment, 50-year-old Christine smiled widely in flattering cat eyeglasses, as she held her creation to the camera.

Another pic was taken while Janelle, 53, was out for dinner with three of her six children and one of their girlfriends.

Janelle sat at the head of the table in the picture and added the caption: “Dinner with my boys and Hunter’s girl Audrey. Such a fun evening and a bright spot in the day.”

Another family moment showed Christine and three of her six children as they enjoyed a fancy High Tea for her daughter Aspyn’s 28th birthday.

The final pic shared was a selfie from Meri, 52, in which she smiled in a full face of glam makeup while holding a plant pot that read: “I will survive!”

Fans praised the ex-wives for thriving after the split.

One person said: “I feel like these poor women were sold a lie and now have a chance at true freedom and happiness. I hope they find it.”

“The ex-wives are all glowing since they’ve freed themselves. It’s so lovely to see,” added another.

Another comment read: “They all look better than ever. Light and bright and happy. Hmmm… I wonder what has changed? Freedom.”

A third fan simply stated: “Everyone looks so happy.”

The U.S. Sun reported last year that Janelle and Kody were no longer together after 29 years of marriage.

Now, she’s dedicated herself to her new weight loss business.

In November, a source exclusively told The U.S. Sun that Janelle had “lost a ton of weight” and is “half the size she was.”

“Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 pounds down,” they added.

Meanwhile, Meri has kept busy with an Instagram video series called Fridays With Friends.

On the St. Patrick’s Day edition of the chatty live streams, she showed off her fresh new hairstyle to her followers.

She also continues to sell LuLaRoe clothing.

Christine has even found herself a new partner, David Woolley.

The TLC star went Insta-official with David on Valentine’s Day, calling him the “love of her life” in an adorable and heartfelt post.

The U.S. Sun has learned that David is a widower and father of eight children.

Christine Brown has found a new boyfriend, David Woolley, since divorcing her ex KodyCredit: Instagram/christine_brownsw
Janelle Brown has focused on her health and lost weight since she moved on from her marriage with KodyCredit: Instagram/the_secret_to_selfcare
Meri Brown has kept busy with an Instagram video series called Fridays With Friends since her split from her ex-husbandCredit: Instagram/ therealmeribrown

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